Wild Cat Lodge

There’s a new critter roaming our forest. Last winter it left meandering snow tracks by our house. We thought it might be a fox. Then I noticed identical snow tracks strategically placed on top of my snow covered car. That creature must have been fearless to have come so close to humans. My wife and I wondered what it could be. 

A trail camera finally solved the mystery: A yellow cat! Not exactly a wild animal by most people’s standards, but not a domestic one either. The cat would run away whenever we’d get close, but not for long. Sometimes it sauntered onto our driveway on a warm summer day to nap under the sun’s rays. And sometimes we’d see bits of yellow fur sprinkled on our deck chair. 

He seemed to be peaceful enough, and he didn’t mind relaxing on the roof of my car while licking his fur, even though he knew we were close by. He took his time leaving if we walked near him; deer usually flashed their white tails and sped off long before we’d spot them. In a way, this cat seemed to be claiming our home as his own. A place where he could find peace and rest— like chilling in a cat spa.

Mighty Dog often stopped to sniff his presence, even though the cat had already left the premises before we’d arrive. The few times doggie spotted and chased the cat, Wild Cat always won the race and escaped from sight. Mighty Dog could be seen running in circles with her nose to the ground trying to sniff out clues to Wild Cat’s whereabouts.

I like this feral cat, and I think he likes us too. He has to keep his distance because he’s wild, but just the same, he trusts us enough to take naps on our car.